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Live betting, also known as in-play or in-running betting, is the process of placing a bet on a sporting event after it has started. For example, you can bet on different aspects of a football match after it has already kicked off and throughout the duration.

It takes away the need to study statistics and puts you at the heart of the action, giving you the chance to change your bet or place a new one during the event.

These odds will change several times after the event starts, depending on what happens.

If Team A were an odds-on favorite before kick-off and Team B takes the lead after a couple of minutes, the odds will change to reflect this. Team A may still be favorites to win, but they now have less chance of doing so. This will raise their odds.

Therefore, a person wishing to bet on Team A will get better odds than they would have if they’d placed the bet before the game started.

It isn’t just goals in a football match that change the odds. Every action during a sporting event will change the potential outcome, altering the betting odds in the process.

The odds are decided using a computer algorithm which constantly updates the information. Then, depending on what is happening in the event as well as past outcomes of similar events, the odds are changed.

When something significant happens during the event we will suspend betting for a few seconds so the computer can work out the new odds. Betting will then continue. This will happen several times throughout an event, giving you up-to-date odds reflecting what is happening in the live event.